Syria: 7 Million People Remain In Urgent Need of Assistance

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According to the United Nations, an estimated 93,000 people have been killed and hundreds of thousands wounded since the unrest began in Syria over 2 years ago. In addition to direct conflict-related casualties, deaths rates continue to rise as a result of lack of access to basic services, including health care.  Around 7 million people remain in need of urgent need of assistance; approximately 4.3 million civilians are now internally displaced.

"The humanitarian needs inside Syria have reached unprecedented levels and continue to increase, with millions now displaced inside the country." warned Donal Forde, Irish Red Cross Secretary-General. “At least four million people in Syria are in need of food assistance and the Red Crescent staff on the ground tell us this figure is likely to be much higher.”

The price of staple food has in some areas of Syria increased by more than 100 per cent. A recent revision to the Syria Crisis appeal includes an increase in the provision of food parcels and hygiene parcels for 150,000 persons per month, baby kits, female emergency kits, as well as support to SARC health activities.

More than 2 million people are now receiving assistance every month from the Red Cross and Red Crescent, UN agencies and a number of national and international NGOs.

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Pic: This child and his family live with many other people in small room in Damascus. Credit:SARC