Volunteers from Turkish Red Crescent respond after mine explosion

Home News And Events Volunteers from Turkish Red Crescent respond after mine explosion

The Turkish Red Crescent has deployed five response teams to support the Aegean Coast Disaster Management Center in response to the coal mine explosion that occurred on Tuesday. Efforts are underway to free hundreds of miners that are still trapped in the mineshaft.

There were 787 people working in the mineshaft at the time of the explosion in the Soma mine in Manisa. Official sources confirmed that there are more than 200 dead and dozens were taken to the hospital suffering from burns and suffocation.

The Turkish Red Crescent pitched tents, distributed blankets, and deployed a mobile kitchen at the site which is providing hot soups, tea, cakes and water to the people waiting in front of the hospital.

A team of 20 psychologists and social workers from the society, together with with members from Disaster Psychosocial Services Union, give psychosocial support to the families who are waiting for news of their loved ones from the scene.

The team has just completed the construction of a two general service tents in Krkaaç district that will be also used for autopsy services should they be necessary, and the society’s regional Blood Centre is on alert.