Pakistan Floods


“The floods have completely devasted buildings, homes, infrastructure, roads, and bridges. There is no telling just exactly how much damage has been incurred until everything subsides and the people of Pakistan start picking up what is left of their lives and homes.”

-Peter Ophoff, IFRC Head of delegation in Pakistan 

Monsoon rainfall – nearly three times higher than the past 30-year average – are causing uncontrollable flash floods and landslides across Pakistan. A third of the country risks to be left underwater.

Ravaging floods have displaced over 3 million people while damaging almost one million homes across the country. More than a thousand people have died.

Livestock and crops have been wiped out. The floods are causing earthquake-like destruction to Pakistan’s infrastructure, with thousands of kilometers of roads and bridges destroyed.
It’s a race against time. We urgently need your help to deliver emergency shelter, food, safe drinking water, and health care to the people of Pakistan.

We fear the worst is yet to come.


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