Irish Red Cross

Cyclone Idai Appeal

Families urgently need your help in Mozambique. 


Cyclone Idai has torn through Southern Africa unleashing a trail of devastating destruction. 


The primary focus now is to save lives. As of yet, the extent of human suffering is not known but at least 1,000 people are feared dead and 400,000 are reported missing. People are still trapped in trees and on the roofs of houses and the Red Cross is doing everything we can to rescue them, right now.


Families have lost their homes and many people have lost loved ones.

With people in need of urgent assistance, the situation is desperate. 


Act now and you will help save lives. 


Heavy rain will continue in the coming days which may only exacerbate the already dire situation and cause already saturated rivers to overflow.


Your support will help ensure that we are able to deliver much-needed assistance to those in need. Rescuers have already dropped blankets, water purification tablets and high-calorie biscuits,  but the absolute priority at the moment is saving people who are currently still trapped.


Your donation today will make a difference to a situation which is still unfolding.