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Thousands of migrants continue to make the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean Sea every day, risking their lives for a safer future.

Tens of thousands are now stranded in Greece due to strict border restrictions. They are cold and soaked with rain, with no proper shelter or blankets. They are hungry and have little hot food or clean water.
Your donation today can help our medics reach migrants who have become sick and bring warm food to those with nothing. 


The Red Cross is responding in 28 countries across Europe providing over 600,000 migrant people with food, water, shelter, baby kits, hygiene kits and medical treatment.


Many refugees and migrants are traumatised by their journeys and the deaths of the loved ones. The Red Cross is providing psychosocial support to help them cope with their new and terrifying life. Families often become separated during journeys that are thousands of miles long. The Red Cross is helping trace and reconnect missing family members.


This dire situation is not going to ease any time soon and we need your help to save lives and prevent further suffering.


Your kindness will help the Red Cross continue providing humanitarian aid to these vulnerable refugees and migrants. Please support the refugee donation plea.


Here you can make a donation to our Migration Crisis Appeal


Read more about the Migration Crisis Appeal launched by the Irish Red Cross.


Updated April 2016


Please support the Migration Crisis Appeal. Your donation will support migrants and refugees on their perilous journey.