For Adhere Begum and many others like her, 2017 was a tragic year. We saw widespread flooding in South Asia, three major hurricanes which swept through the Caribbean, a significant outbreak of cholera in Yemen, heart breaking refugee situations in Syria, a hunger crisis in Niger and of course terrible flooding here in Ireland.  

The Irish Red Cross serve as key players during these disasters, providing aid and resources to those affected. But the generosity of the Irish Red Cross supporters like yourself helped us prepare before these terrible events happened. 


Disasters are often unexpected by their very nature, leaving little time, if any, to prepare. That is why it is so important to put time into planning and preparation long before the disaster strikes. What many people don’t know, is that the real work to save lives happens months before disaster occur.


Your gift today will help the Irish Red Cross prepare for disasters in 2018 and save countless lives.

€50 – will help train volunteers with lifesaving skills like first aid so they can respond during the next emergency;

€80 – will help stock cereal banks in Niger ensuring that families have to ear during food shortages;

€120 – will help re-stock our emergency warehouses around the globe with supplies like blankets, kitchen sets, tarps and mosquito nets allowing us to support those affected by the next disaster almost immediately.


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