Could buy two kitchen sets, each allowing a family of five to cook for themselves.



Could supply families with lifesaving clean drinking water.



Could pay for 15 blankets for those in need.



Could provide four food parcels to those in need – each parcel will feed a family of five for a week.

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5 years on and the plight of Syrians continues. The figures make for shocking reading. In a country with an estimated population of 22.2 million the situation is worsening almost on a daily basis. The number of people in need has increased from 1 million in 2012 to 13.5 million in 2016. 

For those that can remain in Syria, regular access to basic needs such as food, water and medical assistance continues to be a challenge. Three in four are currently living in poverty and 5.7 million people are in need of adequate shelter.


Whole neighbourhoods have been destroyed, forcing families to flee in search of safe shelter, but there is little available. When they left their homes, many did so with only the clothes they were wearing. They have nothing else. More than half of those affected are children.


People continue to flee fighting within Syria underlining yet again the dire situation families in Syria are facing. It is vital that they are able to seek protection and support as conflict continues to rage. There are an estimated 6.6 million internally displaced inside the country.


Others are unable to flee and remain under siege as war rages around them. At the start of this year the Red Cross Red Crescent eventually gained access to towns such as Madaya, Foua and Kefraya. The blockade on life saving supplies lasted for months with ordinary Syrian families paying the price.


On entering Madaya our colleague Marianne Gasser, described the situation:


''I was taken to what was euphemistically called the "health centre". It was, in fact, one room in the basement of a house. Ushered into the semi-darkness, I was met by the sight of limp bodies lying on blue blankets on the floor: elderly people, weak from hunger and illness. There were several children, hollow-faced. I noticed the needle marks on their arms where drips had been administered to try to give them the sustenance they needed to survive.''


The Red Cross Red Crescent is committed to bringing aid to the millions of people affected by this crisis inside Syria. In addition, we are reaching the millions who have fled over the country’s border into the wider region and now wait in refugee camps, uncertain of what their future holds.


Please donate to Syria and help us to bring aid to the people who need it most. Thank you.

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