Irish Red Cross
In Syria, tens of thousands of people are fleeing their homes near the borders. The extremely serious situation is worsening by the day and has resulted in the displacement of 300,000 people in the area. Many people are in need of shelter and emergency humanitarian assistance. 



Across Syria, the humanitarian needs are immense, and the north and north-east of the country is already an incredibly complex environment.


Years of fierce fighting have left most of Syria's vital services extremely fragile. Half of Syria's health facilities are not functioning or are only partially functioning. Two million children cannot go to school, casting a further shadow on the country's future. One in two Syrians has been displaced by the conflict, either abroad or within the country.


€ 50 could provide hygiene kits for five families for a month

€ 100 could provide food parcels for two families for a month

€ 250 could provide foam mattresses, sleeping bags and a heater for a 5-person family tent  


As winter approaches, temperatures will drop to zero degrees.

They urgently need our support.




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