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Yemeni people are facing incredible hardships due to ongoing conflict which has engulfed the entire country. An alarming 22.2 million people in Yemen need some form of humanitarian support. The ongoing violent and unpredictable environment has devastated millions of people's lives.


Some 17 million people - more than half the country’s population - do not have enough food.


An estimated 16 million people do not have access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation.

The cholera outbreak in 2017 alone infected more than one million people.

Nearly two million children are out of school.


On average, 20 people - women, children and men - are dying every day from treatable wounds and curable diseases due to the severely reduced availability of drugs and operating hospitals. 


The Red Cross and Red Crescent teams are distributing household items and food and personal-hygiene items to families. We are also supplying materials necessary for maintaining essential infrastructure and services such as water, electricity and sewerage.


Simultaneously, the need for medical support is massive and the Red Cross is providing access and support in healthcare. 


The Irish Red Cross continues to closely monitor the situation in the conflict-stricken country and provides technical and financial support to partners on the ground. 

Updated March 2018.


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