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Since March 2011, Syria has been experiencing an increasingly violent and pervasive situation of conflict. The humanitarian situation has reached an unprecedented scale with millions of people in most areas of the country having faced extreme violence, leading to loss of life, injuries and displacement. 

syria1Together with ICRC and IFRC, staff and volunteers from SARC provides medical relief and food aid to people in need. Photo: Ibrahim Malla / SARC

According to the United Nations more than 4 million Syrian families have fled into the neighbouring countries and North Africa. Most families have left their homes with very few possessions and, as the situation continues to deteriorate and conflict continues, their vulnerability increases further.

The ongoing armed conflict and instability continue to exact a heavy toll on the entire civilian population. Some 13.5 million people continue to require life-saving aid, of which women and children represent a substantial proportion.

As the needs of Syrians caught in the conflict continue to increase, so does the response of the Red Cross Red Crescent network.

Funds raised by the Irish Red Cross Syria Crisis Appeal, continue to support Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and our other partners in providing humanitarian assistance for those affected by the conflict to help them cope with the situation.  

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Response

Since the beginning of the unrest, the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement has been helping in Syria and around the border areas, providing essential medical care, food and supplies to millions of people affected by the conflict to help them cope with the situation.

syria-red-cross-responseStaff and volunteers from SARC are providing emergency vital first aid to those affected by the conflict across Syria. Photo: Ibrahim Malla / SARC

Since the beginning of the unrest, the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement has been responding to the biggest humanitarian crisis in decades. Often putting their lives at risk, SARC volunteer’s transverse Syria and bordering countries to deliver critical aid to millions of people.

• SARC staff and volunteers distribute relief to 4.5 million people each month through food and non-food items, and support in water and sanitation in places where the water supply system is damaged or has stopped functioning

• Through its extensive network of health facilities and ambulances, SARC also provides emergency and primary health care services in areas with limited access to health care and areas where people are trapped by the conflict.  

The only organisation with an outreach extending across the country SARC continues, in risky and often life-threatening conditions, to provide urgent assistance to those affected by the unrest and in need of assistance.

 With the protracted nature of the crisis and no political solution in sight to the conflict, humanitarian needs in Syria continue to grow. You can contribute to our ongoing efforts by donating to the Irish Red Cross Syria Crisis Appeal.