4x4s called upon to transport advanced paramedics to acute calls as of lunchtime today
At lunchtime today, the National Ambulance Service sought access to Irish Red Cross four-wheel-drive ambulances to bring advanced paramedic crews to acute calls. The Irish Red Cross has communicated its available resources to the National Ambulance Service and 20 4x4 ambulances are crewed and on standby in Leinster, Munster and the midwest. At the time of writing, nine of these had already been deployed – not only for transport of advanced paramedic crews to acute calls, but also for dialysis transports.

Furthermore, the Irish Red Cross responded to a total of 21 call-outs yesterday in Louth, Meath, Dublin city, Tipperary, Wexford, Waterford, West Cork and North Cork. These call-outs were for public health nurse transport for essential paediatric visits, triaged patient transfer calls, key healthcare worker transports and dialysis transports. This was in addition to 20 call-outs the Irish Red Cross responded to on Wednesday.

The Irish Red Cross’ National Director of Units Tony Lawlor said; “it’s great that our volunteers, using 4x4 Irish Red Cross vehicles, are able to help the National Ambulance Service and patient and healthcare workers in such an extensive way.”

This is not the only way the Irish Red Cross has been assisting in recent days. Requests have been received to help at several homeless charity locations and a number of Irish Red Cross volunteers are available to meet a request from the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive to assist in Dublin. Volunteers are standing by for confirmation of their final location and transport arrangements. 

In Waterford, due to the bad conditions, Irish Red Cross volunteers have taken to the phones to check in with over 15 elderly people and ensure they are ok and have necessary supplies.

Irish Red Cross volunteers also assisted with humanitarian requests for water and accommodation on Wednesday.

Local branches across the country have issued text alerts in their communities regarding the availability of Irish Red Cross local emergency personnel and 4x4 vehicles, should the need arise.

The Irish Red Cross is an auxiliary to state statutory services in times of national emergency.