At an exciting ceremony, in the home of big wins - Croke Park. Here are all the winners from the Irish Red Cross National Volunteer Awards. 

Irish Red Cross Instructor of the Year Award

Winner: Rose WardIrish Red Cross

Rose Ward is from the Claremorris branch of the Irish Red Cross. Rose as an instructor has dedicated her time and effort over the years to helping and teaching others.



Irish Red Cross Unit Member of the Year Award

Winner: Paddy Redmond Irish Red Cross

Paddy Redmond is from the Enniscorthy Wexford branch of the Irish Red Cross. He is currently ADU for the Wexford area.Paddy in recent months conveyed his true volunteer spirit from his dedicated and professional work during storm Emma and other natural disasters that have been taking place within our country.

Health & Social Care Officer of the Year Award

Winner: Antoinette CoffeyIrish Red Cross

As Director of Health & Social Care for the Waterford Area, Antoinette consistently monitors any potential risks to vulnerable persons within the Waterford Area.




Irish Red Cross Branch of the Year Award

Winner: RoscreaIrish Red Cross

The Roscrea branch plays a vital role in the local community and supports the area and its people through voluntary first aid, youth groups, Awareness days and indeed courses.


Irish Red Cross Area of the Year Award

Winner: Donegal Irish Red Cross

Donegal Red Cross has had a difficult year with the flooding destroying their building and several of their vehicles. Despite this, the area bound together and helped those people that were in need during the aftermath of the flooding and did so with dignity and respect. 

Irish Red Cross Youth Achievement Award

Winner:  Caoimhe McLaughlin Irish Red Cross

Caoimhe has been a member of the Muff Branch since she was 10 years old and has been a youth leader from age 18. In 2017 Caoimhe was elected Branch Youth Officer and completed Branch Youth Officer training and leadership training, ensuring she is equipped with the knowledge and skills to help in the learning and development of youth members of the Branch.

Irish Red Cross Young Volunteer of the Year Award

Winner: Sarah McConnellogue Irish Red Cross

Sarah is 12 years of age and has been a member of Muff Branch for 3 years. During this time Sarah has embodied the Principles of the Red Cross and is eager to learn and develop. She is involved as a youth member and has completed the programmes in relation to Anti Bullying, OPTIONS Bronze and Silver, Positive Mental health, Positive Images and Fundamental Principles. Read More 

Irish Red Cross Volunteer of the Year Award

Winner: Padraig O’ReillyIrish Red Cross

A volunteer with the Irish Red Cross for just shy of 20 years, Padraig O’Reilly balances a hectic schedule; he works full-time in Dunnes Stores, he is a retained firefighter with Cork County Fire Service and he holds no less than three positions in the Irish Red Cross – Branch Secretary, Branch Youth Officer and he is also a training officer in the unit structure. Read More 

Irish Red Cross Special Status Award

Winner: Cloverhill Prision

Cloverhill Prison is the only remand centre which brings a lot of instability and issues when trying to implement a course like Community Based Health and First AID ( CBHFA). For us, CBHFA is about teamwork and it wouldn't happen in Cloverhill without the strength of our team.