Almost €60,000 distributed for Donegal Flood damage

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By this Sunday, 22 October, €60,000 will have been distributed from funds raised for the Donegal Flood Appeal

This sum has all been given out to 120 households in grants of up to a maximum of €500.

€85,100 has been raised in the Donegal Flood Appeal so far.

Almost €15,000 was distributed by Sunday 8 October under Phase 1. Over the course of the following two weeks, volunteers set about distributing a further €45,000 and by this Sunday, 22 October, a total of €60,000 will have been given out.

In very recent weeks fund distribution has focused on helping ensure people in the county will have adequate heating supplies and infrastrucutre coming into winter. Red Cross Donegal has placed a particular emphasis on replacing oil burners and fuel. In many instances, water entered oil tanks, rendering the entire tank of oil unusable. Otherwise, the cash grants have been allocated for carpet and flooring, bed and bedlinen, kitchen appliances, dehumidifiers, clothes, furniture and bathroom repairs.

The next phase of funds distribution - Phase 3 - will see the Red Cross review where funds have been given so far and complete an overall assessment of the situation on the ground to determine where funds should be supplied going forward.

In addition to this monetary assistance, Irish Red Cross volunteers have been out assisting members of the community clearing out their home since the night of the flood. They also visited homes in the immediate aftermath of the flooding to determine the support required and liaised with the local authority on rehousing residents.

Volunteers in the region also travelled across the northwest collecting donated furniture and delivering it to affected homes while they also collected and sorted donated clothes and distributed them. The allocation of funds to 120 households has been possible thanks to the hard work of our volunteers in Donegal Red Cross, well done to all involved.