Whenever disaster strikes around the world, Red Cross volunteers and loyal supporters are the first to respond with life-saving medical aid and assistance – and nowhere is crisis more prevalent than in Yemen currently.

The Irish Red Cross was particularly touched by a story shared with us by one of our aid workers based in Yemen, about a little girl named Amat.

Amat lives with her grandfather, Yaseer, in a remote village high in the Yemani mountains. In the last year, this village has been devastated by cholera.

Cholera is a disease that needs to be treated extremely quickly. If untreated, cholera can kill in as little as four hours and this was something Yaseer was only too aware of when little Amat suddenly took ill. 70-year-old Yaseer carried Amat down the mountain on his back, walking for hours in the searing heat to a Red Cross cholera centre.

Amat’s life was saved with literally minutes to spare.

This is thanks to her grandfather, the Red Cross medical workers…and YOU.

The Red Cross cholera centre in Yemen is funded by supporters like you; the centre wouldn’t have the funds to purchase medical equipment and supplies without donations.

Unfortunately, there is still some way to go in tackling the cholera epidemic in Yemen. This brutal disease can kill within hours and as many as 20 people die in Yemen every single day from cholera and other preventable diseases. In total, there has been over one million suspected cases and more than 2,250 deaths.

But this doesn’t need to be the case. Cholera is easily and quickly treated with the right medication.

The Irish Red Cross is doing what we can to help in Yemen but is facing an immediate and severe funding crisis of our own. As a result, our vital services and programmes are under severe pressure and some have already had to be cut or scaled back. Funding to the Irish Red cross may have fallen dramatically in recent years, but the need for our essential services has not.

The United Nations has declared Yemen to be the largest humanitarian crisis on earth. Help us be there for more grandfathers and granddaughters like Yaseer and Amat by making a donation at this link. 



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