Cardiac arrest victim brought back to life by volunteer ambulance crew.

Home News And Events Cardiac arrest victim brought back to life by volunteer ambulance crew.

On duty at the rally were Navan and Monaghan volunteers; Grainne Carolan (EMFR), Joe Quade (Driver) and Rory Daly (EMT).

The three person crew of the Irish Red Cross ambulance, who were on duty at the rally, were called to assist a man reported to have collapsed. As they arrived on the scene the man went into cardiac arrest and the specially trained volunteers acted immediately by administering CPR before using their AED device to administer two shocks in an attempt to allow the man’s heart to restart naturally. The quick response was successful and the man was sitting up and talking within minutes of having gone into arrest.

“This is a very welcome result; we are delighted that the patient made such a speedy recovery. It is unusual for someone who has just suffered cardiac arrest to be sat up and chatting so quickly” said Irish Red Cross Volunteer Grainne “When he arrived at the hospital the Doctors were shocked to see him looking so well. It’s truly a remarkable recovery.”

As standard requirement all Irish Red Cross ambulances, of which there is a current fleet of 114 around Ireland, carry AEDs. “The quick response of the volunteers in Monaghan highlights the importance of having readily available AEDs and also trained volunteers who are able to use them” said Darryl Coen, Regional Director of Units (Northern) at the Irish Red Cross.

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