Community Based Health and First Aid prison project 

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The Community Based Health and First Aid prison project has continued to develop. 

The programme continues to operate in all prisons across Ireland making huge improvements to health and wellbeing in these challenging environments.

The 2015 partnership with The Probation Service has received additional funding. The programme sees inmate and ex-inmate “special status volunteers” facilitate anti-violence and drug-awareness workshops for those under the supervision of The Probation Service. This funding will allow the project to extend beyond The Probation Service into the communities of origin of the inmates focusing on a number of communities, one of which will be the traveller community.

One of the great successes of this project is that once trained, the special status inmate and ex-inmate volunteers become the trainers for these workshops. Bringing this project to their own communities will hopefully assist efforts to reduce violence and drug misuse, a challenging but exciting next step.

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Alternatively, email Carrie McGowan, CBHFA Programme Manager at or Graham Betts-Symonds CBHFA Programme Director at GXBetts-Symonds@IRISHPRISONS.IE