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In an effort to streamline the health and social care activities of the Irish Red Cross, the Health & Social Care Working Group decided to change the name of this Society activity from “Health & Social Care” to “Community Support”. 

This change in name provides a clear and simple description of the role of this work within the Society. Minor amendments are required to implement this change across the network as email accounts, uniforms and minibus branding currently use the term community support. The website will be updated in due course to also reflect this change.

The title “Community Support” gives a more focused title to the health and social care activity engaged in by the members. It allows for a more inclusive volunteering approach as community support services are open to all members; there are options to become involved as a Youth member, a Unit member or a Branch member. All sections of all Branches can choose to provide community support and the Community Support Working Group will focus on helping each Branch to establish a community support team.

The change in name will help provide a clearer message for the general public about this type of activity within the Society, helping to reaffirm our position as a grassroots community-focused humanitarian organization ready to provide support to communities in crisis when needed. Under community support, the Society will continue to provide services to help those in care, at home, tackling social isolation and supporting integration.


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