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The Corn Adomnáin is an annual competition in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) organised by the Irish Red Cross for law students in Ireland. 

This year’s competition takes place on Saturday 13 April 2019 and will be hosted by Griffith College Dublin.

The competition tests students’ capacity to take the law out of the books and apply it to “real-life” situations. Students compete in a number of rounds of practical role-playing scenarios and exercises which provides them with the opportunity to engage with International Humanitarian Law on a practical level. They assume professional roles and accomplish various field tasks which require them to think on their feet. Last year, scenarios put to competitors included the protection of shipwrecked persons after a cyber attack on a fleet of vessels, hostage negotiations, attacks against medical personnel, investigation of war crimes and application of IHL in a densely populated urban area.

The final round is a moot court which will be based on a hypothetical moot problem and will be judged by esteemed and experienced practitioners and academics.

The Corn Adomnáin IHL Competition is named to honour the Cáin Adomnáin (Law of Adomnán) also known as the Lex Innocentium (Law of Innocents) which was stipulated amongst a gathering of Irish Dál Riatan and Pictish notables at the Synod of Birr in 697. It is named after its founder Adomnán who was an abbot of Iona Abbey, a canon, jurist and a saint.

The closing date for submission of entries to the competition has now passed.

[caption id="attachment_4942" align="alignnone" width="391"] Congratulations to the 2018 winning team from Queen’s University, Belfast. Left to right – Caoimhe O’Hagan, Ross Johnston and Sara Thabeth pictured with Dr Luke Moffett.[/caption]