COVID-19 coordination and Funding

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The Society has set up a Covid-19 Coordination Group, which had been meeting weekly and is now meeting bi-weekly, given the new phase we are moving into.

The committee comprises the four National Officers, the three National Directors, the Secretary-General and the Head of National Services. The group has been chaired by Olivia Mitchell, our Vice-Chair.

An Operational Report is produced for each meeting, showing the activities our members have been engaged in around the country. The committee has coordinated the purchase and distribution of PPE, and the distribution of corporate care packs, sanitizers, etc., in consultation with the Board.

The committee has been advising the Board on the most effective use of funds raised from our corporate partners, to help support the work of the Branches who are directly assisting people in their communities to manage the implications of coronavirus.

In this regard, you may be aware that the Irish Red Cross made a submission to government under their Covid-19 Stability Scheme, which was set up to assist organisations who were negatively impacted financially by the pandemic but who were still expected to perform their duties and services.

The list of successful applicants in Phase One was announced last Friday afternoon and the Irish Red Cross was one of 179 organisations who will benefit from this funding. The IRC was one of only thirteen organisations to have been granted the maximum award in Phase 1 and the coordination group will be working again on behalf of the board in allocating this support of COVID19 response. Well done to everyone involved in developing our successful application and particular thanks to Jocelino, Head of Fundraising, who co-ordinated this submission.

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