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Irish Red Cross to administer emergency flooding schemes from February.

As members are aware, the Irish Red Cross has played a key role at a community level in supporting localities at risk of flooding and when flooded. Over the last number of years, the government has requested the administration in head office to run a humanitarian emergency flooding scheme for small businesses, community and voluntary and sporting organisations on an ad-hoc basis. In Donegal, the Irish Red Cross ran a significant emergency flooding scheme on behalf of the Department of Defence in 2017 and 2018 while the Society was also involved in flooding schemes in Galway and Laois in 2018.

This year, responsibility for the emergency flooding schemes has moved from the Department of Defence to the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation and this Department has requested the Irish Red Cross to administer any such scheme on a formal basis from February this year, demonstrating the confidence the government has in the Irish Red Cross and our expertise when it comes to extreme weather events.

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