Encouraging Reply from the Charities Regulator

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In the context of the article on restricted funds which appeared in The Irish Times last week, there has been an encouraging development. 

As mentioned in our communication to the Irish Red Cross membership at the weekend about this matter, last year the Board of the Irish Red Cross commissioned an independent review of the use and management of restricted funds by the Irish Red Cross. This review was carried out by the Society’s internal auditors Mazars and upon completion, the report was sent to the Charities Regulator.

This week, the Board received a letter from the office of the Charities Regulator which stated; “based on a review of the information and the report that you have provided, the Regulator is satisfied that the Charity has taken appropriate measures to address the issues that have been raised and, as such, we have now decided to close the matter under enquiry.”

The Society welcomes this development.