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The First Aid Convention in Europe (FACE) brings together participants from 30 National Red Cross Red Crescent Societies. The purpose is to participate in a competition to find out who is the most efficient and effective First Aid team across Europe. It provides a platform to exchange information and expertise in First Aid training among the participants and their organisations.

FACE provides an opportunity for the promotion of the Red Cross Red Crescent as a leading First Aid organisation in Europe and also helps promote both the host National Red Cross Society and the countries participating in the competition. 

National Societies share ideas and resources when they participate in their preparatory National competition and later in the FACE international event. The sharing of first aid techniques, materials and educational resources has a positive impact on the application of standards across all participating countries and builds an awareness of the need for high standards which is ever increasing.  

In October 2014 all European National Societies voted to elect a new (IOC) International Organising Committee for FACE. Following this election the Irish Red Cross officially agreed to chair the International Organising Committee of FACE and to host the FACE secretariat as of 31st October 2014. The remainder of the IOC voted in were:

German Red Cross: IOC member

Swiss Red Cross: IOC member

First Aid Working Group represented by Gabor Göbl: IOC member

Austrian Red Cross (host of last FACE) – until FACE 2015 (temporary member)

Romanian Red Cross (host of FACE 2015) – until FACE 2016.(temporary member) 

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