First Unit Management Seminar

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The first Unit Management Seminar took place in the Irish Red Cross Training Centre in Kilbehenny at the end of August.

In attendance were National Director of Units Anthony Lawlor, the four Regional Directors of Units Tom Horwell, Aiden Lonergan, Ted Noonan, Darryl Coen, as well as the Area Directors of Units (ADUs) of each of the IRC Areas. In addition, the weekend was attended by the National Services Department.

The weekend aimed to introduce incoming ADUs to the Unit management structure, while also affording the opportunity for both experienced, and newly appointed ADUs to attend talks and workshops designed to assist them in their roles over the next three years.

Fintan Breen, Head of National Services said “It was a fantastic opportunity to meet the people who will be driving the unit services over the next three years and to discuss with them how we can work together to deliver these services to the community.”

A number of key speakers attended the weekend including the Director of the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) Dr. Geoff King, Martin O’Keeffe from Motorsport Ireland and Dr. Adrian McGoldrick from The Turf Club.

National Training Manager Bernie Stevenson also facilitated a session on conducting a training needs analysis and plan for individual training requirements.

A number of IRC volunteers also spoke about various topics including major duty management (Darryl Coen); Pre-Hospital Training (Dr. Andrew Kelly); National Ambulance Service (Tom Horwell). A number of workshops ran over the course of the weekend and included sessions on conflict management; performance management; community first responder groups; patient record completion and management; and unit development and recruitment. Many of these workshops were peer-led and were interactive in nature, which offered an innovative way to approach new projects.

Anthony Lawlor, National Director of Units commented on the weekend “it's clear from the seminar that a considerable opportunity to recruit additional members and increase the range of services in communities across all our Areas exists now. This is expected to be very much in line with the forthcoming Irish Red Cross Strategy”.

Sincere thanks must be given to everybody who attended this weekend as well as to those involved in the organising and running the event.