IHL Seminar
Communicating the essence of IHL to the Irish humanitarian community

Date and time: 25th October 2016, 10 am – 2pm

Venue TBC: Mansion House

Target audience: Professional humanitarians (programme staff of Irish NGOs) and others with a special interest in IHL.

Objectives of this seminar are to:

• Communicate the essence of IHL and core humanitarian principles to humanitarian professionals;

• Provide an overview of the contemporary challenges facing IHL.

The seminar will be delivered through individual presentations and a panel group discussion and aims to raise-awareness and increase knowledge of IHL among the Irish humanitarian community. It is particularly relevant for humanitarian organisations operating in areas where conflict (or the threat of conflict) is present, in order for these organisations to be able to contextualise the situations they may be operating in.

Overview and agenda:

Amidst recurring violations of IHL, strengthening compliance with IHL is indispensable to the protection of civilians in armed conflict. The Red Cross recognises that this requires action at different levels: the law needs to be known, explained and disseminated widely; and further improvements need to be brought to the international judiciary response to violations. This seminar responds to the first level: to disseminate IHL. The seminar will provide an introduction to IHL and its relevance for humanitarian actors; link IHL to the core humanitarian principles; and present the ICRC-led Healthcare in Danger project. The topic of the panel discussion will be Contemporary Challenges to Implementation of IHL and will focus on urban violence, violence against healthcare workers and facilities, and the crisis in Syria, in particular.

Places are limited. If you wish to attend, please contact Gillian at gmccarthy@redcross.ie

first+aid+day+2016Increasing violations of IHL place healthcare in danger