Irish red cross "a lifeline" for older people in Kildare

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The Kildare branches of the Irish Red Cross have been called “a lifeline” by a Social Inclusion Initiative for older people in the Kildare area. 

Denise Croke, of Older Voices Kildare, said, “It’s safe to say that the Irish Red Cross in Kildare have been a lifeline for so many during Covid-19. While we were able to offer a listening ear, the Kildare Red Cross stepped in, often with little or no notice, to facilitate food deliveries, medication deliveries and other hands-on support.” 

Older Voices, which specifically targets isolated categories of older people such as older LGBTQI people, Travellers and people with disabilities, has been dealing with an influx of calls during Covid-19 from people with limited social connections. 

Paying tribute to the Irish Red Cross volunteers in Kildare on National Volunteering Week, Denise added that their help has been invaluable for the area in these challenging times. 

“If it weren’t for PJ Fagan and the Kildare Red Cross, we wouldn’t have been able to get a man to a very important hospital appointment or been able to assist a lady who needed to move home in urgent circumstances. All of this is done without hesitation and with the greatest of kindness by the volunteers, they are a pleasure to work with.” 

The Irish Red Cross volunteers in the Kildare area have been more active than ever in the community during Covid-19. As well as transporting people to medical appointments and delivering groceries and medication, the volunteers assembled comfort packs for people who were self-isolating in the area and distributed personal protective equipment. 

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