Irish Red Cross increases Nepal contribution to €150k

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The Irish Red Cross has sent a further €100,000 to help with humanitarian relief operation in Nepal after last weekend’s earthquake.

Irish Red Cross Head of International said the replenishment of basic supplies such as food, medicine, water purifier and shelters were the main requirements.

Mr Roche, who was the Red Cross Head of Disaster Management in he region up until last year, said: “Logistics have been the biggest problem in the first week, mainly related to transport. But roads are being cleared and aid is getting into the Kathmandu Valley where tens of thousands of homes and farms have been destroyed.

“We sent €50,000 straight away and thanks to the Irish people’s response to our appeal we can send another €100k today. We have local branches fundraising around the country and donations can be made at 1850 50 70 70 or at

“Over 90% of homes have been destroyed in some villages and the affected population are sleeping outside. Limited aid is reaching these areas. Plans are underway to move as much support out to the most affected districts. Logistics, transportation and communication remain a challenge.

“The Nepal Ministry of Health are becoming increasingly concerned about the outbreak situation.

“Cases of cholera and other waterborne diseases will likely increase. Place where standing water has accumulated so mosquito-borne diseases - including dengue fever and malaria - will also likely increase.”