Irish Red Cross launches Christmas Appeal
The Irish Red Cross Christmas front-line appeal is asking the public to create a new Christmas story for the most vulnerable this Christmas.

The Irish Red Cross has launched its Christmas fundraising appeal, the most important appeal of the year, as it brings unrestricted income into the organisation which can be used across a variety of projects both in Ireland and further afield, in places such as Donegal, Myanmar and Yemen, to name but a few. 




However, the Irish Red Cross is not just looking for donations this Christmas. They have placed a Christmas tree outside Irish Red Cross HQ in Merrion Square and over the festive period we are asking members of the general public to drop by and write messages of encouragement (which can be hung as decorations on the tree) to people in crisis - both at home and abroad.

Just one way in which money raised in the Christmas Appeal will be used is for emergency aid parcels - in areas where the need is greatest upon receipt of the donation. During natural disasters and other emergencies the Red Cross co-ordinates the assembly and delivery of parcels which are usually comprised of food, toiletries or kitchen utensils for example. Providing Red Cross food and supply parcels like these is a wonderful way to extend your Christmas joy and love to children and their parents in places where there is too little food — and too little joy.

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