50 call-outs yesterday, 75 on Friday and 15 so far today
Irish Red Cross responded 50 call-outs yesterday, 75 on Friday and 15 so far today
With one 4x4 ambulance, three Irish Red Cross volunteers responded to 23 call-outs across Wexford over the course of two days (Friday and Saturday). “We’re down here doing the best we can,” said Paddy Redmond, Irish Red Cross’ Area Director of Units earlier today. “The four-wheel-drive ambulance has been all over the place. It’s the star of the show

We went places you can’t get in with a tractor. Over two and a half days we’ve put in €300 of petrol. We finished at a quarter to 11 last night having started at 7.30am. On Friday we started at 6.30am. There was a medical emergency the other day, a fracture and a fall, and they all had to be transported to hospital. And they were just some of the call-outs. It’s just me and two drivers, it’s been very difficult. But that’s what we’re here for.” - Paddy Redmond, Irish Red Cross Area Director of Units for Wexford.

Over the two-day period the Enniscorthy-based Irish Red Cross four-wheel drive ambulance, at the request of the National Ambulance Service responded to 23 call-outs.

These call-outs were;

a medical emergency to Wexford General Hospital

a fall to Wexford General Hospital

a fracture to Waterford University Hospital

16 transports to the dialysis unit

4 transports of key nursing staff to Wexford General Hospital.

Nationwide, the Irish Red Cross responded 58 call-outs nationwide yesterday, 75 on Friday and 15 so far today. 25 of yesterday’s 58 call-outs were National Emergency Operations Centre originated calls which were referred to 12 Irish Red Cross Areas. These calls included hospital-to-hospital transports, dialysis transports, and patient discharges.

South County Dublin
Volunteers from south county Dublin, using an Irish Red Cross 4x4 ambulance, assisted in transporting key social care workers unable to reach work in its 4x4 vehicle.

The Cork weather desk processed and directed a large number of calls to the Irish Red Cross for patient discharges, staff transport, public health nursing transport, and also the transfer of essential medicines from hospitals in Cork City to Waterford University Hospital.   

Today’s activities 
Today more than 15 calls have so far been referred to the Irish Red Cross for inter-facility transfers from acute beds to sub-acute care centres and to hospitals. The Irish Red Cross was also requested to transport patient discharges. Areas taking calls today include Cork, Wexford, Tipperary, Limerick, Laois, Louth, Kildare, Meath, Monaghan, Wicklow, Dublin Borough, Dublin Fingal and Kerry.

Given that many members will return to work and college tomorrow, the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) asked for an update on Irish Red Cross capacity regarding both crew and vehicles on Monday a) daytime and b) evening time onwards. 

Irish Red Cross Health and Social Care Activities

The Nenagh Branch, through social media, reached out to people to get in touch if they needed any assistance. Members visited a local nursing home to meet with residents who hadn't had visitors due to the bad weather. Members were joined by junior members of the Ormond branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann. The music lifted the spirts of all.

The Midleton/Carraigtwohill branch used its minibus to help transport staff home from the local community hospital. This branch also delivered shopping and medication to an elderly gentleman.

Members took to the phones to contact the most vulnerable and subsequently delivered fuel, water and medication.

For a second night, volunteers assisted in Merchants Quay Ireland providing services to the homeless. The Irish Red Cross today sourced clothes from its charity shop in Newbridge to help meet a spike in demand for clean, warm clothing and these clothes will be delivered to Merchants Quay Ireland.

The Irish Red Cross is an auxiliary to state statutory services in times of national emergency.