Irish Red Cross units are heading to FACE


Irish Red Cross units from Wicklow and Dublin are heading to the European First Aid Convention in Romania this month.

Around a thousand people from approximately 30 countries including teams from Germany, the Czech Republic, Finland, and the Netherlands will be taking part.

They will share ideas and their experience of First Aid and take part in a competition which involve a sequence of scenarios such as: car and motorbike accidents, drownings, horse riding incidents. Techniques such as CPR, defibrillation and general patient treatment.

The winning team will be crowned FACE champions 2015 and earn the right to be called the best First Aid team in Europe.

Irish teams have been in top three spots consistently over the past ten years and were winners three consecutive times, having won it on two previous occasions.

wicklow-team-competition winners 2014 Wicklow team

The teams taking part this year are Wicklow and Dublin Borough. They earned the right to represent the Irish Red Cross having won national competitions this year and last year.

Both teams will be among 600 emergency services workers on parade through the streets of Dublin at the Frontline Emergency and Security Services Eire Forum (FESSEF).

The ‘Open Day’ on Saturday 6 September at Dublin’s Royal Hospital Kilmainham features a display the specialist skills, expertise, drills and tactical equipment used by emergency services personnel in the performance of their duties.

The Irish Red Cross will be joined by the Defence Forces, An Garda Síochána, the fire and ambulance services, Irish Prison Service, Irish Coast Guard, veterans’ associations, RNLI, Customs and Civil Defence, St John Ambulance Brigade, and the Airport Police and Fire Service.

FESSEF aims to increase public awareness of the role played by the security and emergency services in protecting the safety and security of the state’s citizens and the protection of the state.

Dublin Borough team