Irish Red Cross Update on Online Donation and Fundraising
In light of the ongoing court proceedings involving the founder of online digital fundraising platform Ammado Internet Services – which now trades as Pembroke Dynamic Internet Services Limited, the Irish Red Cross would like to reassure its donors and the general public that donations to our organisation have not been affected by issues at Ammado.

The Irish Red Cross was made aware of issues at the fundraising service provider by the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) in April 2017. The IFRC and many of its national societies, including the Irish Red Cross, had been using the Ammado service since 2011, but last April the IFRC alerted all national societies to business conduct issues with the platform and advised all national societies to immediately suspend their use of Ammado.

The Irish Red Cross took immediate action and closed down its Ammado account.

All monies raised for the Irish Red Cross on the Ammado platform had been collected prior to the closure of the account so there are no outstanding monies owed to the Irish Red Cross by Ammado. A new digital administration system for collecting donations online was installed by the Irish Red Cross thereafter.

The Irish Red Cross continuously reviews its approaches to support accountability, transparency and risk management, including in its relationships with service providers.