Irish Red Cross Volunteers among Top Lifesavers in Europe

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The Irish Red Cross won 2nd and 4th place at a European Red Cross First Aid Competition recently, a glowing testament to the skills and dedication of its volunteers who provide first aid and ambulance services across the country.

Teams from Louth and Cork competed with 21 teams from across Europe and both were awarded high marks for their life saving skills. The teams faced real-life scenarios with patients played by actors, having to manage the scene and treat the patients just as they would when on duty with the Irish Red Cross.
The results at this FACE competition, previously hosted by the Irish Red Cross in 2012 and 2007, show the impressive skills held by these volunteers, and are a sample of the kind of work the Irish Red Cross does on a weekly basis, at community and sporting events right across the country. Credit for the results goes to the dedication and hard work of the teams themselves, as well as the commitment of the trainers and the other supports that the teams received.
Irish Red Cross Team (Louth) – 2nd Place FACE 2013
David Nordon
Marie lawless
Orla Sheridan
Paul Nordon
Padraig Duffy
Miriam Watters
Irish Red Cross Team (Cork) – 4th Place FACE 2013
Aileen Murphy
Orla Murphy
Geraldine Cronin
Mary Keogh
Deirdre Brosnan
Sarah Prendergast

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