We were extremely proud to have been selected to represent the Irish Red Cross Youth delegation to experience some of Ireland's inspirational youth members at the #SDG Sustainable Development Goals meeting in Dublin on Friday evening at the department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

It was really interesting and thought provoking event with inspirational presentations at a packedIveagh House, which welcomed @UN Deputy Secretary General@AminaJMohammed, hosted by Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland) @simoncoveney 

"Your future is now, what you do today will define what happens tomorrow" said Amina Mohamed as she addressed the audience with her opening remarks.

Following a series of key presentations from a selection of Irish youth organisations, the UN Deputy Secretary was speechless with their drive and enthusiastic with the work the youth are doing.“ It’s the We, not the I” attitude that will change the world said Amina Mohamed, who challenged the audience to “be disruptive” with their thoughts and attitudes to help improve the sustainable development goals of the UN.”

Tánaiste Simon Coveney welcomed the audience by stating that he “was very proud of the Irish Red Cross Youth intelligence, the curiosity and the ambition of the new generation which is emerging in Ireland and the confidence which they demonstrated” in front of a very senior audience including the deputy secretary of the UN.

“To be an agent for change you have to lead by example - don’t be afraid to stand out and speak” said Coveney. Who challenged the youth audience to keep thinking and challenging politicians. Coveney stated that he was always moved when he hears young people and always has huge time for people with an attitude for change. “You are in this audience for a reason, so keep thinking and challenging and be the change you are asking for”

Key speakers from a number of Irish youth groups, included the Irish youth debating society, newly appointed UN youth ambassadors, representatives from UNESCO, Trocaire and the winner of the BT Young Scientist Humanitarian Aid Science Development Award - Jack O’Connor, who encouraged the audience with an inspirational quote, stating: “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if they are crazy enough”

Other attendees included representatives from Irish Aid, Scouting Ireland and our very own @Irishredcross Youth delegates, Kate, Kim and Conor.

It was a wonderful event which educated all of us on how we can change society by the click of our fingers if we try hard – Conor Green (Kinsale Red Cross)

Kate Buckley(Mallow Red Cross),Kim Fitzsimons(Trim Red Cross) and Conor Green(Kinsale Red Cross) 

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