Lottoland partners with Irish Red Cross in digital makeover of Limerick ambulance fleet

An initiative which will result in the digital makeover of the Irish Red Cross ambulance fleet across Limerick city and county was launched by Minister Patrick O’Donovan in Newcastle West. The project will see ambulances being kitted out with smart devices to capture key data, replacing cumbersome and time-consuming reports by pen and paper. The reports will all be secured with cloud technology, allowing real-time reporting and visibility of all ambulance logistics.

 Online lottery company Lottoland chose to support an Irish Red Cross initiative because of the variety of this charity’s humanitarian projects both at home and abroad. Due to the improved efficiencies which will be brought about by Lottoland’s support for the digitisation of the ambulance fleet, more emergency care and services will be delivered to the Irish public here at home, therefore helping the Irish Red Cross save more lives going forward.

Nationwide, the digital makeover will have a very positive impact on the 2,000 Irish Red Cross uniformed members who voluntarily give of the time and medical expertise to provide first aid cover around the country every week. The project launched today will see all traditional paper-based administration for the charity’s entire fleet nationwide of 130 emergency ambulances digitised, meaning each ambulance crew will save 1.5 hours per day, which equates to up to 40,560 personnel hours per year. In Limerick alone, the Irish Red Cross ambulance personnel could save up to 2,807 hours per year which is very significant time saving, allowing the operators concentrate on other important aspects of their day-to-day humanitarian operations. Discarding the old paper-based management systems will dramatically improve efficiency around such critical tasks as ambulatory-care reports, patient-care reports, lifesaving equipment checks and daily fleet management.

Irish Red Cross’ National Director of Units Tony Lawlor said; “the new tablet devices will greatly enhance the ability of Irish Red Cross volunteers on ambulance cover at local events nationwide to report on patient care securely and in real time. Not only that, but the devices will allow us record vehicle pre-event checks, log volunteer hours and confirm crew cover, so this valuable sponsorship will really make a difference to the quality of event cover and reporting that the Irish Red Cross provides in future.” 

Lottoland’s Irish Country Manager Graham Ross added; “this is our most ambitious CSR charity project in Ireland to date and our first full-scale partnership with a major Irish charity, which we are launching here in Limerick. We are delighted to be partnering with the Irish Red Cross, who do so much work in medical care and disaster relief - at home and abroad - where volunteers act as first responders, on the ground, giving help to those who need it most, during extreme weather events, and in conflict zones. In working together to plan the partnership projects, we’ve learned so much about the incredible work they do, particularly their large volunteer base who give their time so selflessly to those who encounter difficulty. As a disruptive digital technology company with innovation in its DNA, we are particularly excited to assist in the digitisation of the ambulance 


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