Lucy Kennedy is Red Cross Ready

First Aid Day 2016

Television personality and mum of two, Lucy Kennedy launched the Irish Red Cross ‘Be Red Cross Ready’ First Aid Day 2016, in Merrion Square Park, today.

Research commissioned by the Irish Red Cross and Medicare shows more than 80% of adults fear dealing with first aid emergencies such as head injuries, the ingestion of harmful substances or anaphylactic shock.  The research highlights that the majority of adults do not believe that they would be able to respond correctly to eight out of thirteen emergency first aid situations.

Common emergencies, including asthma attacks, broken bones, meningitis, heart attacks and burns were included in the survey of Irish adults. The results show that, though people are largely confident in treating stings and sprains, treatment of more serious injuries would be delayed by lack of knowledge and confidence.

Star of Living with Lucy, Lucy Kennedy, says, “As a mum of two, and with one on the way, I take a first aid kit everywhere; we have at least one at home, one in the car and plasters in every bag. As a parent I want to be ready for anything. Life with young children can be full of bumps and scrapes.”

Each year, nearly 830,000 children around the world suffer injuries as the result of burns, drowning, falls, poisoning and road incidents.  Danny Curran, Head of Irish Red Cross First Aid Training, said, “When you are able to treat injuries and illnesses quickly, the severity can be dramatically reduced. Lives can be saved”.

The Irish Red Cross is encouraging households to be Red Cross Ready and is offering free first aid resources and advice on its website  “At least one person per household should be equipped with lifesaving skills, everyone in the family should know where the first aid kit is kept and how to use it”, said Mr Curran.

Medicare, Ireland’s No.1 first aid pharmacy brand, has launched a range of Irish Red Cross First Aid Kits designed to help parents be first aid ready both in and outside the home.

The Irish Red Cross gives an average of 10,000 training courses each year, including first aid for families and schools, and has issued 100,000 training certificates since 2008.   The International Red Cross Movement is the largest first aid educator and provider in the world. In 2014, more than 15 million people were trained worldwide by the Red Cross.  


Notes to Editor

For more information contact Rebecca Dunne, Irish Red Cross Communications Executive, 087 743 3275 or

Television personality and mum of two, Lucy Kennedy and Emily Curran (1) launch Irish Red Cross First Aid Day 2016first+aid+day+2016