Luke’s Story – Work Experience with the Irish Red Cross

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I chose the Irish Red Cross for work experience because I really wanted to learn about how it was run and the different work that was done within the organisation as well as to learn about the psychological aspect of the work involved, as Psychology is something I am really interested in.

I wanted to learn about the background of the Red Cross (how it was formed, how it is run, etc) and the different work it is involved in.

While working at the Red Cross I did several different types of work, from working in ongoing projects to helping out with the office work. It was really interesting to do different types of work each day because I was always doing something fun and new.
I learned how to research information easier and more effectively on the internet which will be really useful for my school work and projects.

One thing that I learnt from my research was that the Red Cross was formed by Henry Dunant to help soldiers in battles who were injured as there was not sufficient medical help. He formed the International Committee of the Red Cross to help anyone affected by war.
It also gave me an insight to the work environment, and to help me realise what my strengths and interests are.