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The Board is planning to hold a National Convention in early April with the date and location to be confirmed before the end of January

The Convention is a constituent part of the Irish Red Cross “Strategic Plan 2019-2024” and is being organized with the intention of bringing members together for consultation, information sharing, training and workshops. 

The Convention aims to build trust and understanding as well as encouraging commitment to the organization while also fostering members’ sense of ownership of their role within the national organization and as part of the wider International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The Convention will also provide a platform to discuss Irish Red Cross activity and policy, building upon the consultation which took place last year in the development of the Strategic Plan. Much constructive feedback was received during this process from members and staff and this forum will provide another opportunity for people to share their views.

The role of Officers within the organization will be a particular focus of this Convention - their responsibilities and the supports they require to enable the organization to work effectively locally, and coordinate itself regionally and nationally. This Convention is also an opportunity to introduce staff and the Board to members.

For more information contact the IRC head office on  +353 (0)1-642-4600

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