New Volunteer Support and Development Working Group Established

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The new Volunteer Support and Development Working Group met for the first time on Saturday September 15th 2012 to discuss its aims and key priorities.  The working group is chaired by Mr. Ted Noonan from Cork, an experienced Irish Red Cross volunteer with over 30 years experience.  Ted is a former member of the Irish Red Cross Board of Directors and is currently RDU for the Southern region.  Speaking after the meeting he said that ‘The mission of this new Working Group is to ensure the welfare, satisfaction, motivation and capacity of our volunteers. Volunteers are the life blood of the Irish Red Cross and we look forward to putting in place supports to ensure our volunteers feel motivated and valued.”

This is an exciting development for the Irish Red Cross as it is the first time there is a Working Group specifically set up to look at all aspects of volunteering from recruitment to rewarding and motivating volunteers. Over the coming weeks and months, the group will begin work on a number of key priorities and working closely with the Strategy and other Working Groups will report regularly on progress.  

A new Youth and Volunteer Development Department has also been set to take into account this focus on Volunteer Support.  Sandra Stanley is the Head of the Department and Lucy Banks takes on the role of Volunteer Development Officer and will work closely with the new Working Group in developing and implementing new programmes.

Members of the working group:

Chairperson:  Mr. Ted Noonan
•    Mr. Aiden Lonergan
•    Ms. Cliona Lehane
•    Ms. Melissa Lyons
•    Mr. Mark O’Keeffe   
•    Mr. DJ O’Callaghan
•    Mr. Willie Carroll
•    Ms. Marie Lawless

If you have a question for the Volunteer Support and Development Working Group please email Volunteer Development Officer, Lucy Banks

Photo: Ted Noonan, 2nd Left, pictured at launch of Cork's Emergency Services Exhibition 2012