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The day recognizes the sacrifices and contributions of those who risk their lives to give others help and hope. It is also about inspiring the spirit of aid work in everyone.

The Dóchas World Humanitarian Day 2011 online gallery showcases  photographs of the countries affected, the people we work with, and the work we undertake.

What is a Humanitarian Worker...Watch the video>>

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"There are hundreds of thousands of us working in every country around the world.
We work together with partners with you to save lives and rebuild livelihoods.
Everyday we wage war one disease on hunger and on violence against women.

Everyone in need is entitled to our help regardless of race, religion or politics.

This year, we will deliver food to millions of people.

We will reunite families, provide shelter, and vaccinate millions of children.

We are professionals.

We work in dangerous environments.

But we do not carry guns,

Or take sides.

Hundreds of us have been kidnapped or killed.

We are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives.

We are rescue workers; we are researchers; we are social workers; we are pilots; we are drivers; we are teachers.

We are Humanitarian Workers."

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