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The Irish Red Cross support to the Irish Refugee Protection Programme has begun and our volunteer network and those who have pledged play a significant and valuable role in helping refugees settle in communities.

In the autumn of 2015, the Irish Red Cross was asked by the Department of Justice and Equality to manage pledges for accommodation, goods, and services made by the Irish public on a charitable basis in response to the Syrian refugee crisis. As a result of a call-out, the Irish people made 832 pledges. Three quarters of the pledges made were offers of accommodation and the remainder were offers for goods and services.

In September 2016, the migrants began arriving and moved into Emergency Reception and Orientation Centres (EROC) to acclimatize and gain their refugee status. The Irish Refugee Protection Programme, managed by the Department of Justice and Equality is now operational, and the Irish Red Cross has begun supporting this programme with the provision of housing and accommodation. The Irish Red Cross is also providing integration supports through our caseworkers, volunteer network and by linking refugees with our service pledgers. We are currently matching families and individual clients based in Mosney and Ballaghaderreen EROCs with our accommodation pledges across the country.

We have over 50 clients on our books at the moment in the process for moves across the country into shared accommodation, and into vacant stand-alone units, and we have settled 18 moves so far. Our next immediate action is to begin working with the single people in Ballaghaderreen and we expect to have them moved out into communities by Christmas.

The Irish Red Cross is also providing significant additional supports to help refugees access vital services which assist integration and orientation. These supports include language classes, translation services, medical assistance, mental health services and voluntary pledges of time and friendship. This is where we hope Irish Red Cross volunteers across the country can step in and make a meaningful difference in helping refugees live a fulfilled life in Ireland, by working with those who made pledges.

This is an interesting and exciting time for the Irish Red Cross and we are looking forward to, with your help, making our refugee friends feel welcome.

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