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The 38th Dublin City Marathon takes place this bank holiday weekend with 20,000 runners set to take to the streets, including are very own Joanne and Helen.

A few weeks ago I spoke with Joanne to get an update and see how her training was going.  

So it’s 10 more days until the SSE Airtricity Dublin city marathon. I can’t believe it’s nearly upon us. Irish Red CrossThe countdown is finally here!! My training went well. I’m tapering down now this week.

I’ve a few short runs left but that’s it then until the big event. I’ve enjoyed the training to be honest. I felt that I started the training quite late but I’ve done enough at this point. I started my training once I had a spot to run with Team Irish Red Cross. 

I’ve completed most of my training runs on my own but I linked up with the Tralee “Born to Run” group for some of the runs also. There are a group of runners in that club that are training for the Dublin marathon also. 

There have been some very busy weeks where I found it very difficult to fit in the training. As I’m a teacher, September and October are the busiest 2 months of the academic year. That’s life I suppose. I feel at this stage that I’m ready for the run on the 29th. I know I have it’s in me to complete the run. I will do it for the team!


Helen (left side of photo) has been running on and off for the last 15 years, now with 50 only a couple of years away she decided it was finally time to go for it and run the marathon

What I love about running is that it rewards effort.  If you take the time to train, then you will get Irish Red Crossbetter, regardless of ability.  The biggest challenge for me has been finding the time to train.  I have 3 children between the ages of 6 and 11 and work part time, when I'm not working my husband is so childminding is always an issue.  I've dedicated Sunday morning to my long runs and timetabled short, faster runs where I can find a spare hour (before school pick-up, during their football practice, around the playground), and always have some running gear ready so I can take advantage of any free time to get out.

I've been gradually building up my mileage each   week, but found myself becoming disheartened  with my training, and wondering why I was doing something I found so hard, which I'm finding out from chatting to other runners is quite common. The 2 things that helped come out of this were to think about the money I could raise for a cause I really believe in and secondly, I found a friend to train, and run the marathon with, and am now really looking forward to it.  I completed my first 20 mile and am looking forward to tapering and letting my legs recover before the real thing.  I'd been reading about tapering and never really done it for half marathons but can really feel my legs, and general well-being, feeling tired and worn out with the extra training so am understanding the importance of taking it easier for the last 3 weeks and having 'fresh legs'.

My diet hasn't changed too much.  I tend to eat plenty on the day before my big run and afterwards and thoroughly recommend chocolate milk after a run.  Apparently it has the perfect carb to protein ratio and even Mo Farah drinks it.  It's also delicious and the thought of it can usually get me through the last few miles.  My other post race treat is my muesli bars.  These are just fruit and nut muesli, mixed with oats and warmed condensed milk, pressed into flapjacks and baked on a medium oven until golden. A bit of chocolate drizzled on top doesn't go amiss. For the day itself I'll be mixing up energy gels with the 'good luck' jelly babies a friend gave me. I'm happy to take all the luck I can

Best of luck to to Joanne and Helen on Sunday. 


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