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Make a pledge to help migrants arriving in Ireland. 

Your pledge could make a personal difference to a migrant arriving in Ireland. Many of whom have experienced tragic suffering in their home country and a gruelling journey on the migration trail in the hope finding safety.

Register your pledge here.

What kind of pledges are needed?

We are currently accepting all pledge types.

To date we have received pledges of accommodation, be-friending, English lessons, food, clothing, translation services, IT services and more.

I already made a pledge to another organisation

Many civil society and State organisations have received offers of accommodation, goods and services from the public. These cannot be transferred to Irish Red Cross due to data protection laws.

Therefore, having consulted with the Department of Justice and Equality and civil society, we are asking anyone who registered a pledge of support elsewhere to re-register via the Irish Red Cross online Register of Pledges.  First-time offers can also be registered through the form.

Are my details secure?

Yes, the information you provide will be stored on a secure database with security and data protection responsibilities resting with Irish Red Cross. Please see our data protection details for more information.

What is the role of the Irish Red Cross in the Migration Crisis?

In Ireland

As a member of the Government appointed Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP) Taskforce the Irish Red Cross is tasked with collating pledges of accommodation, goods and services for migrants arriving in Ireland over the coming months and years.

On the migration trail and Syria

Through our Migration Crisis appeal we are supporting people on the migration trail. Most recently we were able to distribute thousands of winter kits to families. The Red Cross is also distributing high-thermal blankets, hygiene kits, survival kits, baby and feminine parcels, in Greece and other countries along the trail.

After nearly five years of conflict in Syria, our Syria Appeal continues to help people in Syria and those who have fled to bordering countries in search of safety and shelter.

For further information, call 01 642 4600 or contact

Thank you for pledging your support to migrants arriving in Ireland.