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We have all been severely challenged in this pandemic year, which has placed many additional demands on the National Society and it is heartening to see how you have responded in so many different ways to ensure those requiring our services have been supported so well.

It has been a year that has imposed increased financial challenges too, as many of the normal ways in which our Area and Branch network earns much-needed monies, through duties and training, came to an abrupt halt, in keeping with the restrictions imposed by the National Public Health Guidelines.

The National Society was happy to make as substantial a contribution as it could in these difficult times to alleviate some of the financial burden being experienced at Area and Branch level by paying out over €300,000 in payments to Area & Branches in support of their Covid-19 work during 2020.

The breakdown of these contributions are

Insurance Payment waiver                                     €100k

Mileage – Patient Transfers                                    €72k

Mileage – Community Deliveries                           €68k

PPE and Health & Safety Kits                                 €64k

Affiliation Fee waiver                                               €30k

Modifications to vehicles                                        €6k

Equipment & Training                                               €5                                                                                       

                                                     Total                    €345k