the aftermath of the Beirut explosion in August 2020

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In the aftermath of the Beirut explosion in August 2020, Paul Clarke and IUNVA National Chairman Derek Judge; the Defence Forces and the Irish Military community, came together and under the auspices of the Irish United Nations Veterans Association (IUNVA) collected much needed funds to help the citizens of Beirut affected by the disaster.

The Irish Defence Force have served around the world on peacekeeping missions since 1958
and have served in Lebanon continuously since 1978. They have been recognised as Military
Ambassadors for Ireland and have assisted the Lebanese population in many ways, in particular with humanitarian aid from the Irish contingent in the UNIFIL Peace Mission. Support has been provided to the Lebanese people throughout every major disaster and incident since 1978.

Today, Ireland has Defence Force Peacekeepers serving in Lebanon, who are continuing the relationship with all the Lebanese communities and building a close affiliation with them.

In December, at a ceremony in line with COVID safety procedures, a cheque was presented to the Irish Red Cross by President of Post 1 Michael Colton. The amount of €15,686.42 was generously rounded up by IUNVA, to €17, 000. All funds collected through this initiative will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross to support their relief work, providing medical assistance, shelter and food & water, in the wake of the recent tragedy. 

The IUNVA's primary role is providing advice and assistance to members and their families who have been affected by their overseas service. The Association is financed by membership fees, voluntary contributions and fundraising. The association museum offers visitors an insight into the history, defining moments and current status of IUNVA posts countrywide.