Paddy Redmond and his trusty landrover deffender
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On Friday 2 March, Irish Red Cross volunteers attended a recording-breaking 60 call outs in the southern region. The Irish Red Cross has never dealt with this volume of calls - not alone in one region - but nationally - in one day before. And in Wexford there was a real hero; Paddy Redmond and his trusty Landrover Defender.

As the Enniscorthy Guardian so aptly put it, “the rugged Landrover Defender of Enniscorthy Red Cross could be seen smashing through the snow and braving treacherous conditions to help those in need. Equipped with a crew of three brave volunteers, carrying shovels in case they had to dig themselves out of the snow, the jeep was on the road from early morning helping those in need.” 

During the course of their work, Paddy and members of the Enniscorthy Red Cross helped a new dialysis unit in Wexford. Below is a quote from Debbie Macdonald, Clinic Manager at the Wellstone Wexford Renal Care Centre, thanking Paddy Redmond and the Irish Red Cross

“Good Morning All
We are a new dialysis unit in Wexford, only opening on the 17/1/18. We are under the clinical governance of University Hospital Waterford and dialyse HSE patients who live in the county of Wexford. Our unit currently dailyses 25 patients on a Monday Wednesday and Friday.
 I want to let you all know about the tremendous work Paddy Redmond and his colleague did for us during the recent Red Weather Warning.
A lot our patients live in very remote areas of the county, but as you know the main roads and towns were also affected. I had to call on the defence forces to assist us to get patients to and from the clinic for their essential lifesaving treatment. Paddy and his colleague spent the whole day on Friday transporting essential staff and patients to and from our unit in order for the dialysis team to provide their treatment. As the weather was so awful we only managed to treat half the patients and had to open from 7am to midnight on Saturday to treat the rest of the patients. Paddy worked tirelessly  throughout the Saturday as well to  ensure all the patents that were assigned to him were brought in to the unit.
Without the help of the Red Cross and Paddy we would not have managed to get so many of our patients in to the unit for their treatment. We are very grateful for all the help of the defence forces, but in particular to Paddy and his colleague who I felt went above and beyond all expectations to help us here in The Wellstone Wexford Renal Care centre.  - With grateful thanks Debbie"

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