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The training department of the Irish Red Cross has been particularly busy this quarter with many courses underway all over the country. 

The new Training Working Group will meet on 2 March to kickstart its term. This group is essential for the planning and implementing of courses. The new quality committee met this week to review the standard of our operations.

CFRCI, CFRAI, EFR and EMT courses are being run in the first six months of 2019. Course registrations from branches are coming in steadily. The cert run has been changed to every two weeks in an effort to reduce the cost which is likely to save a minimum of €5,000 each year.

Before Christmas, EMT courses commenced in Limerick and Kilbehenny, with approximately 30 participants. Both had a very short lead-in time but going forward, the training department will be implementing a minimum lead-in time to ensure all members have sufficient time to apply. The training department is also currently working on three reports due in to PHECC in the coming weeks; the CPG Report, the Governance Validation Framework and the Self-Assessment Governance Validation Framework. Once the reports are submitted the Irish Red Cross will then start preparing for an onsite visit by PHECC. The Society also re-registered as a Recognised Institution with PHECC in late 2018.