Upcoming Events
Regional Strategy Consultation Meetings

The Board and General Assembly of the Irish Red Cross have been planning for the development of a new strategic plan for the organisation since late 2017 as the current strategic plan “Towards 2018” concludes this year.

A Strategy Consultation is now underway after discussions with the Board, General Assembly of the Irish Red Cross and senior staff resulted in the circulation of a survey to both Irish Red Cross membership and staff. There has also been direct consultation with key stakeholders such as Government departments, funders and voluntary organisations. A Strategic Development Group is managing the process and is being chaired by National Secretary Barry O’Donovan while an independent consultant Dermot McLaughlin has been brought in to facilitate consultations and overall strategy development.

Next stage
An overview of the feedback both from the surveys and from the stakeholder consultations has been sent to membership and staff and they are invited to submit further comments and views. The Strategic Development Group is very keen to hear back from members and staff as to their thoughts on the feedback both in terms of what has been written and what may have been missed. Comments and views can be sent directly to independent consultant Dermot McLaughlin who will keep the origin of the feedback anonymous. He can be contacted at d@dermotmclauglin.ie.

Regional consultation meetings are taking place around the country to ensure members have a direct input into the development of the strategy and to encourage discussion and debate around the future direction of our organisation. Meetings have already taken place in Dublin, Limerick and Cork, and meetings are scheduled for Galway on 22 March, Navan on 27 March, Donegal on 28 March, Portlaoise on Sunday 8 April and a final meeting in Dublin on 10 April.

These are crucial meetings for our organisation as they aim to identify a common focus and approach to give direction to the future of the Irish Red Cross into the mid 2020s.

Youth Challenge
The Gerry Moyne National Youth Challenge will take place in Gormanston Park in Co Meath on 7 April. Registration will open from 11am (though places must be reserved in advance) and the event concludes at 6.30pm. Participation costs are €10 per person, €15 for two siblings and €20 for three or more siblings. There will no charge for leaders attending on the day.

The Youth Challenge is open to members over ten years of age. Those aged between 18 or 25 can choose whether to be participants or leaders. A separate T-Bears Youth Challenge for members aged 4-9 will be organised in May. 

Each Branch must send a minimum of one leader per seven members aged under 18.

Volunteer of the Year Awards
The Volunteer of the Year Awards take place on 28 April at the Croke Park Conference Centre. Deric Ó'hArtagáin will be MC on the day. The deadline for nominations for the Volunteer of the Year Awards was Friday 16 March and over 200 applications have been received across the following categories; Volunteer of the Year, Area of the Year, Branch of the Year, Health & Social Care Officer of the Year, Unit Member of the Year, Instructor of the Year, Youth Achievement of the Year and Young Volunteer of the Year.