Volunteer skills showcased at VES seminar

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The Irish Red Cross volunteers showcased their skills on Saturday (25.02.2012) at the inaugural seminar of the Voluntary Emergency Services (V.E.S), within the Midlands region.

The seminar, organised by the VES subgroup of the Midland Regional Working Group (RWG) for Major Emergency Management (MEM) was held  at the Custume barracks, Athlone.

In the event of a major emergency in Ireland trained Irish Red Cross volunteers respond as an auxiliary to the state statutory services.  With an national emergency fleet of over 100 vehicles, 400 trained EMT's and 350 EFR's, the Irish Red Cross can deploy fleet, volunteers and control units to anywhere in the country.

With thanks to:

Liam Perry for the photos.  View photo album.

All Volunteers involved; Longford, Westmeath, Laois, Offally