Why i joined the irish red cross 
"You have no idea how proud I am to put on my Irish Red Cross uniform again" Yvonne 

"I joined the Irish Red Cross in Dunmanway County Cork for 3 key reasons. Irish Red CrossFirstly, to gain knowledge of first aid so I can help my son who has a severe seizure condition. Secondly, to help to others on a voluntary basis in the community. Lastly, to be part of a team.

The Irish Red Cross ethics are truly admirable.

I couldn't be more proud to be part of the team I am in. They are dedicated, compassionate and so supportive.Through training with the Irish Red Cross they have taught me how to care for my son in an emergency before the paramedics arrived. Focusing on the situation at hand instead of panicking. Understanding what is happening and gathering information to relay to the paramedic whey they arrive. On duties, I was able to put these skills into practice within the community and surrounding areas. From minor cuts to dislocated shoulders, the team work together for the best interest of the at individual in front of us.

It is rewarding to be in a position to help others in this way not forgetting that all the while the Irish Red Cross has helped me and my family as well". 

This summer, the Irish Red Cross is calling on the public to support our volunteers in our latest fundraising campaign. Visit: www.redcross.ie/donate

Irish Red Cross volunteers assist the state in emergency response during extreme weather conditions and they have had an extremely busy year. For example, over the course of the Beast from the East and Storm Emma, our volunteers completed 272 call-outs. During Storm Ophelia, Irish Red Cross volunteers assisted in 17 incidents, transferring patients to hospital, and from hospital to nursing homes, while volunteers also brought essential hospital staff to work.

However we are not just fundraising for our volunteers at home this summer. The Irish Red Cross is also fundraising for Red Cross volunteers abroad. For example, volunteers in Gaza are under severe pressure due to the protests and recent violence there. They are supporting medical staff in the extremely under-resourced hospitals while they also transport patients to hospital. The risk of getting injured or even losing their lives doesn’t stop them…but the chronic shortages of drugs, equipment and electricity will.

But they can’t do it without you.

Visit: www.redcross.ie/donate

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