World Humanitarian Day 2013

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Every year on 19 August, the international community marks World Humanitarian Day in recognition of aid workers who have lost their lives in the course of their duty. It is also a day to celebrate humanity and the spirit that inspires people to help others who are in need, even in difficult and dangerous situations, often putting their own lives as risk.

This year, we are remembering Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers and staff who have died during duty, especially in Syria, where more than 20 Red Crescent workers lives have been lost since the conflict started. All humanitarian workers, including volunteers should be given safe and secure access to deliver life-saving aid and assistance to vulnerable people without exception. Losing just one life is too many.

As we mark World Humanitarian Day, we want to renew the call to all parties in the country to ensure safe and unhindered access for the Red Crescent's staff and volunteers to vulnerable people throughout Syria.


All this week we will be sharing stories and memories on our Facebook page and the Irish Red Cross blog,  of several of our Red Crescent co-workers who have died during duty.