Youth migrant experience on the border

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The movement of population has become a major challenge in recent years with many countries adopting more restrictive migration policies. To enable a better understanding of what migrants face the Irish Red Cross is running an interactive experience on the border in two weeks’ time. 

This interactive experience puts participants in the shoes of refugees and asylum seekers for 24 hours and takes place from 14-18 February on the grounds of Castle Saunderson in Co Cavan which lies 400m from the border with Northern Ireland. Candidates will flee conflict, make their way to a new country and navigate all the barriers and challenges on the journey and on arrival, in a gruelling test called “Youth on the Run”.

Castle Saunderson is a scout centre with extensive grounds laid over a demanding landscape. Participants act as refugees and asylum seekers, assuming new identities while instructors play the characters migrants meet along the way. The “migrants” will trek across challenging terrain, cross country borders and will eventually stay in “direct provision” until they find out if they have been granted asylum or not.

A former participant gives their perspective; “refugees are often only viewed as faceless numbers in the eyes of the public. I wanted to challenge these views and it was an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and do something that would give me a new perspective of the world and of how it operates in terms of war and migration.”

For more information call 01-642-4621.